Tear off pants are the greatest invention ever. Not the kind male strippers wear, the ones with zippers just below the knee.

Officially they’re called convertible pants, but I call them my ‘camping pants,’ and they are often my vacation pants. When we travel with the kids on a plane in the winter to escape to the sunnier climes in the south, I’m often boarding a plane wearing “camping pants.”

Halfway through the flight, once we are free and clear of the snow and ice, I zip off my pants around the knee and I am perfectly attired for the new destination.My old pants are now new shorts and it’s awesome.

I’ve taken my love of camping pants and handed it down to my kids and they love it too.

Peekaboo Beans has zip off pants (Pier Pants) for kids that are soft, cozy, comfortable, and absolutely perfect for vacation adventures. As you get ready to pack off on spring break travel to escape the lingering winter in the north and chase some sunshine down south, this is absolutely what your kids need to wear.

Peekaboo Beans
Zacharie is wearing Pier Pants and the Dino Dynamite Hoodie

Don’t you love how every seat is first class when you’re 8?

Zacharie and Charlie were sporting their Peekaboo Beans all over our recent vacation to Florida. It’s not just the zip off pants that they love, but the regular board shorts are that go below the knee were used to demonstrate kung fu moves against alligators.

Peekaboo Beans

The Dino Dynamite hoodie is Zacharie’s favorite. Even though we were in Florida, the beaches were still a little breezy and the hoody kept him warm on our walks and looked great as he rode a giant turtle.

Peekaboo Beans
Charlie is wearing black and grey Wave Length Shorts. Zacharie is wearing the Dino Dynamite hoodie and Pier Pants.

We even took our Peekaboo Beans to the moon. At the Kennedy Space Center, they have a piece of moon rock that you can touch. Zacharie loves the thumb holes in his Peekaboo Beans and, if I’m not mistaken, this would be the first time a Peekaboo Bean item has touched the moon!

Peekaboo Beans

And now it’s time to add to the wardrobe. If you’re heading out on a spring break vacation, or just looking forward to the warmer weather ahead, the new spring catalog of Peekaboo Beans has been released. We’ve already picked out some hoodies, t-shirts, and more ‘camping pants.’

What do your kids love?

Peekaboo Beans Spring 2016

Peekaboo Beans Spring 2016

Peekaboo Beans Spring 2016

Disclosure: I’m a Peekaboo Beans Ambassador.

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