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So the big question—what to do with all that cute art the kids produce? Truth is, my mom saved most of my school art projects in dusty boxes in the basement. While that’s one way to do it, that’s not the best way to do it in 2011.

Once the kids are off to daycare or school, or if you enjoy glue and paints and crayons around the house during these cold and wet days of winter, the volume of arts and crafts you will have around explodes.

Kids love art. And a proud parent appreciates it, but what do you do with it? Here are four great ways to keep your kids’ art without keeping it all over the place

1. Frame Up Your Favorites.

A simple trip to Ikea can get you a variety of value frames. It may just be a messy finger paint or collection of glued scraps, but once properly framed and hung, it looks as if it belongs in a fine art museum. (Seriously, have you seen the scribbles they have hanging in some of those places?)


2. Get A Pro Portfolio.

Visit a professional art store and get a large portfolio book to keep the art. The large binder is big enough to keep the larger pieces flat and dry and preserved. Don’t forget to write the date on the back of each piece.

3. Scan or Digitize The Rest.

Once you’ve picked out your favorites to frame or save, scanning or photographing the rest and dumping them into a digital archive makes sure that no great work of art will be lost. We use the Artkive app for this.

Artkive App

4. Turn it Into a Coffee Table Book

You can even take those digital copies one-step further by turning the images into a coffee table book—like something you’d buy in the gift shop of the Louvre. Souvenarte, in NYC, will help you turn the pieces into a great keepsake, and if you can’t figure out how to scan the larger items, simply send them to the site and they’ll do it for you.

Let’s be real—most of the stuff is fun to hang on the fridge for a few weeks and then can go in the trash, but saving a few key items in a remarkable way is a great way to remember the creativity and flare it seems only kids can have around a bucket of macaroni, paper plates and glue.

What do you do with all your kids’ art projects?

This post was originally published in Man of the House in March 2011

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