[twitter]It’s Bring Your Kid To The Course Week in Canada. That means many golf courses are waiving the usual green fees for kids and you can bring them along for free with a paying adult.

Zacharie and I went out and played 9 holes yesterday. Check that – I played 9 holes yesterday. Zacharie walked, whined, and waved his arms down the fairways.

He liked our first round on a big course, we had a cart.

This time, I wasn’t going to fork over $20 for 90min of buggy, so we walked. His enjoyment lasted 2 holes.

Soon I was carrying his bag. He wasn’t hitting any shots. He was lagging behind.

And that’s fine. Playing golf with a 6 year old is going to be different. I could do without the whining, but he’s 6, and if he’ll be into it when he’s into it. The key is to not set expectations, and just enjoy the time together. I’m just glad it was Kids Play Free Week, otherwise his green fee would have been $25, which I find ridiculous.

Next time we head out, I’ll have to do a little negotiating with the Pro Shop. The kid is 6, he likes to hit it 10 times and putt a few, but mostly he likes to ride in the cart, wash the balls, and chase butterflies.

After our round of golf we hit our favorite patio for a cold one, as boys will do. #bestdayeverdadcamp fire

after golf toast

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  1. Larry July 12, 2013 at 8:09 am

    I don’t think I would take my 6-year-old golfing. I don’t think he would enjoy it all that much and I think the whining would drive me a bit batty. While your son looks cute/funny running around like that, ultimately his actions distracted.

  2. admin July 12, 2013 at 8:55 am

    We’ve been lucky, both times I’ve played with Z we have been on the course on our own, without other players.

    I don’t see it as a distraction, I see it as a kid being a kid. You and I would walk to the ball, he skips and waves his arms – it’s what kids do.

    I am trying to use golf as a way for him to learn patience, responsibility, and act like a “big boy” around grown ups. We’ve been twice, and may go once or twice more this season. He loves it, I love it, and it’s a great way to spend time together learning a skill and practicing life lessons.

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