I Touched Another Kid At The Playground

[twitter]This weekend I talked to a child at a playground I didn’t know. Then I touched him. I touched a kid I didn’t know. He was about 4 and I put my one arm around his waist while the other touched his bottom. I didn’t get arrested, instead another parent thanked me. It won’t make headlines this week, but it’s an important story you need to hear.

My sons and I went for a bike ride around the neighbourhood this weekend and near the end the boys asked to stop at a playground to climb and run. Fair enough. I pulled up to some grass at one end and my two boys ran off to play some Transformers-ish imaginary game at the other.

There were a couple of other kids at the playground, and another dad was on the other side of the playspace. As you’d expect of a modern parent, he was flipping through his phone, not really paying attention, while his two boys climbed up the apparatus.

I was on a side of the playground near a fireman pole. The older of the boys, around 8, was having fun flying down the pole, while his younger brother, around 4, was eager to follow and be just like his brother. The platform for the pole was about 6 and a half feet up. The older brother was giving directions to his younger about how to hold the pole tightly, and then jump out wrapping his legs around the pole to slide down.

The dad wasn’t noticing. His face was in his phone.


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