[twitter]I had some things I needed to do this weekend. We had to go to Home Depot to pick up some Rubbermaid FastTrack supplies to help clean out the garage, we had to return the truck we borrowed for a family ski weekend, I had to print some photos for Charlie’s kindergarten project with his class mascot, and we wanted to go to a movie.

Charlie, 5, was going to be my buddy for the Sunday running around. “Remind me we need to print the pictures,” I told Charlie on Saturday night. “Let’s make a list so we don’t forget, daddy!” Charlie replied.

Great idea. He grabbed one of the real estate agent notepads from our junk drawer and started spelling away. “How do you spell Home Depot?,” he asked. And I coached him through the list.

Charlie Chore List

What a great way to get your kid involved in the weekend chores. He practices his letters and reading and writing. He gets to be “in charge” of the list, checking things off as you go. And he can keep the team on track getting everything done. He’s way more involved in the process and he didn’t stray from the tasks we had to do.

After we dropped off the truck and were heading down to the Home Depot, I passed a coffee and donut place. “Do we need a snack break?,” I asked the boss. “No, daddy. It’s not on our list,” came the reply.

I passed a pen to the backseat and started spelling out c-o-f-f-e-e and d-o-n-u-t-s so he could add a 5th item to our weekend chores.

Donuts Are Not on The List

Eventually we made our way to Home Depot. Charlie hopped in the big orange race car cart, list in hand, and directed me down to aisle 28 where we could find our Rubbermaid FastTrack supplies to get the garage spring cleaned.



I would have gotten started on the re-organziation right away, hanging bikes, and tools, and lawn mowers and getting them off the garage floor except, yknow, it wasn’t on “the list.” 😉

Maybe next weekend.

Rubbermaid FastTrack

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