Part of the American dream is to get your own family. For most people this isn’t an issue, but for some unlucky few, there are natural ways to increase your chances of becoming a parent. There are plenty of drugs and medicines you could attempt trying, but there is an easier way and that is by using tried and tested methods which have been in the natural community for years, if not decades. Here are some of the ways you can gain an increased fertility rating.

Drink Water

But not just any water. Drinking tap water out of your sink has some merits, but they don’t apply themselves to your fertility. Instead, you should invest in a water filter for your kitchen. Particularly one which can remove toxins and partials from your water on a large or sufficient scale. Brita is known for creating reverse osmosis filter systems, so you should consider one of those. The Brita total 360 is a particularly good one.

Now, water is important in these solutions because it is the keystone to how our bodies function. Just like sleep, we will literally die without enough of it, so making sure that it is high quality will impact your health and well-being. This particularly affects fertility because it ensures that your body is reaching the minimum optimal requirements in an environment. Which naturally means that in the world of animals, it’s time to populate while resources are still available.

Consider Stopping or Changing Your Medication (with Your Doctor’s Approval)

Medications are sometimes natural, but it is more natural to allow our bodies to find their own paths and work out their issues using natural remedies. There are some medications which greatly decrease men fertility, and so stopping that medication should allow for the return of a normal fertility rate. Now remember, if you are on medication, it is important to speak with your physician before you stop or change your agreed upon medications. If you feel good after taking medication, it is because the medication is working, not because you are cured.

And while we want to find natural solutions, it is not worth finding them when it puts your life in danger or makes you uncomfortable.

It’s also a good idea to consider that your medication could be treating an underlying health condition which can affect your fertility. For example, some infections have no symptoms other than low fertility. This means that you may change your medication, only to continue to have low fertility. This is why it is extremely important to speak with your doctor before you make any life changing commitments to your medications.

Quit Smoking and Limit Alcohol

Smoking is known now as a horrible habit. It kills the person engaged in it, and it badly impacts those around them. But it also affects fertility rates, in that it changes count, motility, and shape of sperm. This is because of the tobacco within the smoker’s system. It is a drug which alters the body, and so it greatly impacts the production and ability to produce for most people.

Meanwhile, drinking excessive alcohol will have a similar effect. While we can expect most people to avoid smoking, even socially—it is harder to expect adults to cut out alcohol entirely (although that would be best for a huge increase in fertility). The idea is that your approach to how you handle low fertility should be sustainable, and saying no drinks ever again, is just not sustainable for many people. Instead, limit your drinks from two a night to one every few nights, and you’ll rapidly see an improvement in fertility and overall mood.

Is it Hereditary?

These tips and others are key to finding your fertility naturally, but sometimes there are more issues than we expect. The hard part of these natural solutions is that sometimes they have a hard time breaking through our systems. In cases like this, it’s possible that a low fertility can mean it was passed on. Low fertility rates can be hereditary in men and when that happens, there is little that we can do outside of making you comfortable and following the natural path.

It helps to speak with men also working their way through these issues though. It always helps to find a support group for those things which impact us mentally and emotionally. If you are suffering from low fertility and you want to speak to someone, reach out to a trusted person or join an online support group to help.

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