camping with my sonsI have the debate every year with my dad friends: is Father’s Day a ‘day on’ or a ‘day off?’

When you look at the marketing around Mother’s Day, it always seems like the ideas is around ‘giving Mom the day off’ from the family. We don’t feel like that way about Father’s Day. The modern engaged dad loves spending time with the family and Father’s Day is just another excuse to get out and do something as a family – or just with the kids. Usually my boys and I are off on a Father/Son camping trip giving my wife what some might call it a ‘second day off.’

But here’s the thing: I love spending time with my kids on Father’s Day.

I anticipate a long day of adventure-filled family time and no fighting. That’s really all I want. I want my kids to eat their lunch. I don’t want them to poke each other in the car. I want us all to just go somewhere, do something, and live in the moment.

My friend’s at Mark’s get that dads love spending time with the family and have curated a great site that features playlists based on what you might be up to. The equation is simple:

Perfect outfit + Perfect Playlist + Perfect Kids = Perfect Father’s Day.
marks fathers day

Here are some things I look forward to doing with my kids and the Mark’s outfit that goes perfectly with the activity. From the golf course to the hiking trails to a nice dinner to a run or ride, Mark’s has the outfit for every dad.


Having my kids chase me on their bikes while I go for a run is a dream weekend morning for me on any year. This year, I’ll be taking part in a Father’s Day run for prostate cancer awareness with my boys jogging alongside. The Matrix line of activewear from Mark’s is lightweight, comfortable, and great at wicking no matter the sweaty activity I choose.

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A long standing tradition for me and my sons has been camping on Father’s Day. It’s usually our first forray into the mountains for the season and leads into many adventures hiking trails, making s’mores, and staying up way too late. The Far West line of clothes at Mark’s serves up everything you could need for back country exploring from rain jackets to warm fleece.

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Okay, I’ll admit that the other thing I like to do for Father’s Day – when we don’t go camping – is to get a little “me” time in with an early morning round of golf, followed by some family time, and then a nice dinner. This year I’ve got reservations already made, and I already know I’m wearing my favorite Denver Hayes Never Iron dress shirt. No matter what I get up to, these shirts always look great.

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No matter the kind of dad in your life, Mark’s can make him look great while you just enjoy the simple, quiet, easy gift of time together.

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