Is Walking With Dinosaurs Okay For Kids?

[twitter]Walking With Dinosaurs is an epic live action thriller structured for kids who are crazy about big beasts, but is it too scary? How young is too young for the show?

I went with my 3 yr old and 7 month old and they both LOVED it.

Okay, perhaps Charlie didn’t really understand what was going on, but there were enough bright colours to keep him entertained. Zacharie was equally thrilled, often jumping up to wave to the new dinosaurs when they entered the ring and even growling back at T Rex when the climax took place.

The show does have a bit of gore as 3 dinosaurs pick at the carcass of a dead dino, and there are confrontations throughout the show, but none leading to any big battles.

The big discussion in our house came about whether or not to disprove the mythology of the show. My son was excited to go see “Dinosaurs!” So do we tell him it’s a make-believe dinosaur show or there are real live dinos in the arena? We decided to tell him it was pretend to help allay any fears that might arise (He did, after all, get spooked by the conveyor belt to the melter scene in Toy Story 3).

Sitting down and watching some of the Walking With Dinosaurs videos on YouTube to get him prepared (and excited) for the event also eased him in to the experience.

Walking With Dinosaurs is just real enough to give you a sense of what life was like millions years ago and just fake enough not to totally spook the kids.

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