Hot Wheels RC Review

[twitter]I have two boys under 8. Hot Wheels and LEGO. LEGO and Hot Wheels. That’s my life right about now. If it’s not a brick or a car, it doesn’t exist.

The LEGO is an upstairs toy, the Hot Wheels are the basement toy, and it is a perfect world. There are spaceships, loop the loops, races, and battles all over my house, and imaginations are running wild. I love it.

Now Hot Wheels wants to toss some R/C vehicles into the mix? Sign me up. I’m all for building tracks and LEGO, but there’s something special about a remote controlled vehicle that has me fighting for the wheel right along with the boys.

The basement baseboards got a workout this week as we put two new Hot Wheels R/C toys through their paces. We tested out the Hot Wheels R/C High Jump (retail approx $50) and the Hot Wheels R/C Drift Rod (retail approx $60).

Here’s a video review of Hot Wheels R/C High Jump and Hot Wheels R/C Drift Rod:




Hot Wheels R/C Drift Rod
One trick: it goes fast
Large vehicle, needs a lot of space to run, easy to control
Takes a lot of batteries

Hot Wheels R/C High Jump
Good in tight spaces
Has finer controls for tight turns and big flips
Okay to have in a smaller, indoor space

DadCAMP is a member of the Hot Wheels Connector Club and received the products to review as part of participation on the panel.

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