The modern man cave can be a great space for both man and family to hang out. If you’re looking to redesign your space and transform it into a jaw dropping contemporary take on the man cave, there are a few questions to ask yourself.

Your redesign relies heavily upon the function of your man cave. Is it a space in which to hang with the guys and catch the latest football games? Do you spend time alone in sweet solitude catching up on your favorite novels? Perhaps your man cave is more of a “mom and dad space” where you and your sweetheart get away from the stresses of the world. Whatever the case, these design tips will get you well on your way to the man cave of your dreams.

A Book Case

If you plan on using your room for leisure and literature, you simply can’t forgo a unique book case. Reminiscent of the classic study, you’ll find yourself whittling away the hours with a good book (whether it’s that action thriller for personal reading time or Winnie the Pooh with the kids before bed), and the right book case can provide just the right amount of charm.


Whether you make your own pallet book case, find something that follows the industrial style, incorporating pipes and unfinished wood, or stick to a classic mahogany masterpiece, this will become a well-appointed focal point in the room. Need more books to fill up your shelves? Consider signing yourself up for a book subscription from You type in what you like, and their team chooses books to send you on the basis of your choice, whether that’s once a month or six books a year. You can tell a lot about a man by the books he reads, so consider your book case an extension of yourself and your passions.

Choosing the Furniture

If the room is all about relaxation, it’s important to allow for the seating to do so. If you’ve got a television set up in the room, stick to movie theater-style seating options with recliners that allow you to kick back and relax without sacrificing the design motif visit link. The perfect place for contemplation and the right spot to unwind after a stressful day at work, this room will likely become your favorite in the house.

Always choose furniture made of sturdy materials for your man cave. Furniture made with leather and wood lends itself to a masculine appeal, and the inherent sturdiness of pieces like this will last you years, without fear of consistent damage and costly repair or replacement. You’re sure to find a lot of options in the catalogs of online furniture shops. Robust materials will withstand even the most rousing game of tag, and cleaning off marks on leather is easier than you might think.

The Electronics

If you’re a television junkie or you are known in your circle of friends as the consummate gamer, you’re likely itching to ramp up your electronic display. With a dedicated room, take the opportunity to go big. Install a home theater system that will become the favorite of your family when it comes to movie night, the envy of your friends when football season rolls around, and the screen of your dreams when you grab that Playstation.


Whether you shell out for an 80-inch screen television or stick to a dropdown screen and projector, this addition will definitely take your man cave from good to extraordinary. Match your electronics with some contemporary décor; check out the modern products here to keep your man cave feeling futuristic and upscale.

Picking the Right Décor

Don’t leave the wall blank; bring personality into the room with the right décor. An easy and inexpensive way to transform the look of any space is with art prints. Sites like Society6 offer prints of all types; whether you’re looking Banksy-style statement pieces to draw the eye or you prefer a demure ocean scene to fit with the retreat-like vibe in your man cave. Frame with some matting for an elegant look that costs next to nothing.

via Society6

If you have kids, bring their talent into the room and help them feel like they have some say in this redesign. Commission your little ones to draw some art for you to hang in the room—both sentimental and colorful, your man cave will brighten right up.

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