Smores and Uncamping

[twitter]We are fair weather campers in our family. The tent is a little lightweight and flimsy, we don’t have a big tarp to protect us from the rain, and we go out one for only night at a time.

I love the outdoors, I love being a not at home dad with my boys, but I also like to do it when the weather is great. When it comes to camping with kids, I do it in short bursts.

This weekend the forecast was for rain. It was to be our first camping trip of the season, but I wasn’t about to get back into the swing of things with a 2 AM thunder storm. So I told my son we’d go on a road trip, spend the day at the campsite we reserved, and then come home in time for bed.

So we took off through the Canadian prairies for 9 hours today eating up 300 miles of pavement and dirt roads, smelling like campfire, snacking on s’mores, sitting by the lake, watching Star Wars, and taking pictures with assorted roadside attractions.

You don’t have to go camping with kids under the stars to get your family back to nature, here’s proof that uncamping is the best.


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