Ryan Reynolds Wins At Parenting
Ryan Reynolds and daughter James on Father’s Day via Blake Lively on Instagram

Back in the day, my radio station used to do a “Starspy Thursday” bit each week. The concept was simple: Vancouver was becoming a hotbed for movie action, and people would call in and report their every day celebrity sightings in the city.

Things like David Duchovny at Starbucks, Ben Affleck at a strip club, or “That Guy from 2 Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place” were regular reports. And it’s that last one that I find the best today. In the 90s, Ryan Reynolds was just a familiar face from a mediocre sitcom. Nobody knew his name, they just recognized him.

He owned a modest condo near Arbutus and Broadway in the same building as my then girlfriend. This was before he was engaged to Alanis, this was before he married Scarlett Johanssen, this was before he became a bona fide box office superhero. People knew him, but they didn’t. It was cute.

Now? Well, everyone knows and loves Ryan Reynolds and he owns his home town on twitter with the handle @VanCityReynolds. He’s quick with quips in response to fans, and he obsesses about memories with his Uncle Dale. Reynolds, now married to Blake Lively, is a dad to a daughter, James. 

Ryan Reynolds tweets about his daughter. Not often, but enough. His humour love and admiration prove Ryan Reynolds wins at parenting:

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