Here’s another entry in the series my parents hoarded my childhood. My parents recently downsized and shipped out all the mementos from my childhood they’d be saving.

This one features a notebook I kept in Grade 1. My News was a book I wrote in a few times a month over the course of the school year. I wrote a sentence about something that happened to me, or talked about the weather, and then drew a picture (we all know tweets with images get better engagement).

For all intents and purposes, this is what the Twitter feed of a 5 / 6 yr old would look like.

This is me in Grade 1:

These old boxes bring me so much nostalgia and joy. I love that my parents hoarded all the things and, in a way, it was their way of “parent blogging” my childhood. I originally started this blog as a way to savour and remember moments of my kids’ young lives.

From actual Twitter accounts to YouTube channels, to the stories here, I’ve hoarded all the memories in such a way that, 43 years from now, if they can find the right USB converter, they’ll be able to relive their childhood in a way similar to what my parents did for me.

How are you saving the small stuff from your kids’ childhood? 

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