[twitter]We knew this was coming.

This was the year dad was going to be taken seriously, and celebrated. No longer the butt of jokes, the role of fathers in the family was going to be taken by advertisers and celebrated.

The Super Dad Bowl arrived and instantly became an important moment in advertising history.

“When commercials say gay couples are ‘OK’ or interracial marriage is ‘OK’ or involved fathers are ‘OK,’ then people come out of their shell and buy in,” I told Kelly Wallace of CNN for this great piece that came out before the game. “Advertising doesn’t just sell products, it very much shapes public opinion.”

I’m so proud to know the dads that were in that ad. Many of them are members of the Dad Bloggers group and I’m proud to call them colleagues and friends.

Here’s the Dove Men+Care ad that showcased the #RealStrength of fatherhood.

What’s up with all the dad ads, Jeff Dauler?

It’s about time. That’s what.

Here’s another of the best from the first Super Dad Bowl:

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