[twitter]Cheerios wins at Fatherhood.

I have seen this #HowToDad ad floating through my social feeds all week. it has struck a chord.

It is all the wonderful things about Fatherhood that we dads have been screaming from the pages of our blogs for years. Dads are different, but dammit we love our kids too.

“Kids think we’re awesome. We get our hands messy. We tell hilarious jokes. We never say no to dressup. We build the best forts,” the commercial dad brags.

And he’s right.

We celebrate freaky horse head masks, give piggy backs, and are fully capable of rounding up the team first thing in the morning with nary a mom to be found.

“We do work work. We do home work. We lead by example and blow their minds,” dad continues. “Being awesome isn’t about breaking rules, it’s about making them. Scraped knees aren’t boo-boos, they are badges of bravery. When you’re a dad, hugs can be bear hugs but they can also be fist bumps, high fives, and next level handshakes.”

This absolutely nails the different world that fathers inhabit. Just because we do things differently than a mom doesn’t make us better or worse, it makes us dads.

I love this commercial even more for coming out a month AFTER Father’s Day instead of being just another token celebration of male parents because the calendar said so. The commercial just wants to celebrate dads who know #HowToDad and they hit every single note.

But really, the best part about this commercial is that it is about dads more than the product. This dad could have been tossed ANY product at the end. It could have been bread, keys to a specific minivan/car/suv, jeans, deodorant, anything. The spot is celebrating #HowToDad, the product placement at the end is just trying to co-opt the dad branding to sell cereal.

This is #HowToDadvertise


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