[twitter]It’s never emotionally easy to leave the boys at home and go traveling without kids, but it’s getting easier.

FaceTime keeps us connected daily, so we’re always seeing their smiling faces and they’re reassured seeing ours.

And we bring a piece of them with us, so they feel like they’re on the trip too. In the past, it’s been a favorite stuffy, for this trip to Bermuda, each son built a LEGO minifig avatar for us to take on the trip.

Zacharie was a surfer dude, Charlie picked a character that looked like was wearing his favorite pyjamas

They’ve been to their favorite merry-go-round and the airport.

minifigs at ttc

They’ve stared at planes on the tarmac.


They’ve been on a plane.

minifigs on a plane

They’ve looked at the ocean.

minifigs bermuda

They’ve ridden a ferry.

minifigs on a ferry

Each day, I email the photos to my mom and the boys are excited to share in the trip. “Where did we go today, Nana?!”, they exclaim over breakfast.

If you’ve got a little angst over leaving them behind, next time take them with you!

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