I weigh 215 lbs, I’m 46 years old and, up until 2 weeks ago, I could run just about a mile without stopping for a breath.

Despite all that, in four months I will run 26.2 miles, completing the fifth marathon of my life.

That’s going to take some training and along the way, my kids are going to see a transformation in their father and learn a life lesson.

For the next four months, my two boys are going to see daddy get up early 4 times a week and run. They’re going to see me come home out of breath and with a smile on my face. They’re going to see that as time goes on, my runs get longer and I’m away for more time each morning as I train.

moto 360 sport
Yes, that’s 5:38am. Time to get out and get the run in.

Then, once the weather gets better and I’m a little fitter, they’ll get on their bikes and ride shotgun for me on my shorter pace runs during the week. Then, as May approaches, they’ll start their own training for their first races as members of Team Diabetes.

Training for this marathon is going to teach my boys the simple lesson of commitment.  They’re going to see what happens when you practice, and train, and how going through pain results in success.

They’re going to learn that not everything is easy, but the harder you try the easier things become. They’re going to see their dad drops some lbs, get healthier, and get faster all because of commitment.

They’re also going to learn what it’s like to cheer someone on and keep them honest. I’ve been using a Moto 360 Sport smart watch for the first few weeks of my training, and already the boys are asking to see the watch during dinner to see how many steps I’ve done over the course of the day.

I either get a “good job, daddy!” or a “you need to go out for a walk right now, daddy!” from the boys. One quick glance at the Moto 360 Sport tells me my steps, calories burned, and if I’ve done something heart worthy for the day. Charlie loves being my coach and making sure I’m sticking to the program.

From reading to math to life in general, to succeed takes practice. Things just don’t always happen. But when you work hard, you make it easier for success to follow.

Disclosure: I’ve been given a Moto 360 Sport for review purposes. All words and thoughts are my own.

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