Family holidays are a great excuse to bond. After all, one of the best ways to connect with another person is to share in a new experience. Bringing your kids with you on a holiday that is jam-packed with things to learn and experience is a guaranteed way to have a great time and grow together.

There is so much to do, see and explore at this ancient destination. Museums, old towns, markets, shopping – the list goes on and on. You’ll see history first-hand at these top holiday destinations for the whole family:


As the birthplace of civilisation, Greece is one of the most historical and beautiful countries on the planet. Many of its ancient sites are well preserved and its popularity means that its museums are interactive, engaging and enthralling.

When going to Greece, of course, you have two main options – the islands or the mainland.

Greek Islands

The Greek islands are full of history while offering a relaxed vibe and many beaches to break up your days. For history and family fun, you will to want to focus on the islands of Corfu, Kefalonia and Rhodes. Kefalonia, in particular, is great for family adventures.

It features ancient towns and picturesque beaches ideal for the whole family to explore. You can even do it at your own pace and make it feel like home by renting one of the many stunning Kefalonia villas on the island instead of a hotel.

Mainland Greece

Mainland Greece has many wonderful spots and destinations to choose from. You have the quintessential Athens, which is full of historical sites and museums, vibrant markets and bustling streets.

Looking for something quieter and more reverent? Then head to Meteora, where cliffs rise high and monasteries build right into cliffsides. For natural wonders, you have Plastira Lake, the kind of site ancient myths spring from.


Spain owned much of the world at one point, and its influences stretch around the world. Visiting the source of all that culture, however, is something else entirely. Spain has everything: modern cities, stunning coastlines and beautiful mountains.

There are so many different areas in Spain – some of which act independently from the rest of the country – each with its own personality and traditions.


Croatia’s Dalmatian coast is ancient, stunning and great to go on a road trip through. Start at Split and work your way up along the coast (making a pit stop at the very least to Plitvice Lakes National Park) and you will have your fill of ancient towns, history and beautiful beaches.


Italy was once the heart of the Roman Empire and its history is rich and fascinating. Many of its cities are thousands of years old and full of stunning things to see and history to learn. Every single corner of Italy offers history – not just the standard destinations of Rome, Florence and Venice. Head further afield and you’ll find that same sense of history, as much beauty and as much fun, but in different areas with different vibes.

You have the coastlines of Amalfi and the Cinque Terre, which offer colourful coastal views from the cliffs. It’s perfect for families looking for a little getaway in Italy. Then you have the lower areas of Puglia and Sicily, two very different regions full of history, ancient villages and beautiful views.

In short, you are spoiled for choice wherever you go in Italy. You can take a month and still not see it all, but this doesn’t mean you should rush. This country is best seen at a relaxed pace, one that allows you to explore the museums and learn about the country with your whole family.


Moving away from the Mediterranean, we have Scotland. Its ancient castles are something else, and the country is full of a proud and ferocious history that kids love to learn. There are steam trains, ancient cities, castles and mystery to explore. With Roman ruins, Gaelic sites and the stunning Scottish Highlands, families will be spoiled for choice when it comes to history and outdoor fun.

Exploring these ancient destinations is exciting for adults and kids alike. You’ll see ruins of times long past, learn the history of lives before you, and do it all together. Not only will you get a lovely break, but your trip will also show your kids that learning is a lifelong thing and that they have more in common with adults (you) than they think. Historical holidays are perfect for bonding and make wonderful memories.


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