[twitter]Easter and Christmas are great seasons for getting your bake on.

Whip up some simple Betty Crocker sugar cookies and then let the kids loose with cut outs and decorations and the next thing you know an entire afternoon has flown by and you are left with a kitchen full of gorgeously decorated treats.

Now I don’t know about you, but my life is one big Pinterest fail when it comes to the fancy stuff in the kitchen.

Seriously, I left the boys alone for a few minutes last year to build our little bunny hutch gingerbread kit and, well, I ended up with something out of Fatal Attraction.

Easter Gingerbread House

So this year’s Easter cookie extravaganza will have a little more attention from mom and dad, and hopefully something worth pinning at the end of the afternoon.

Betty Crocker has some great and easy cookie decorating tips to help you get the most out of your decorating. No matter if it’s for Christmas or Easter, these hints will hopefully help you avoid my bloody bunny hutch disaster.

It Stars With The Cookie Sheet

It can all go sideways before you even get to the decorations if you don’t have the right cookie sheet. You don’t need to grease it if you choose the right one. That right one is a heavy duty aluminum cookie sheet with low sides. Buy the biggest one that can fit in your oven and you’ll be on your way to cookie heaven.

Piping With Frosting

This is how you get outlines and decorations and all sorts of designs on your cookies. This video shows you all you need to know to get your piping perfect.

Royal Icing

Royal icing is an easy way to outline and glaze your cookies. It’s one recipe with added water for the glaze.

A pro tip to get your glazing perfect is to outline the cookies with icing before filling in the rest with glaze.

piping frosting before glazing
Image via Betty Crocker

Food Colouring and Chocolate

Melted white chocolate with a few drops of food colouring is an easy way to get fresh and vibrant colours to match the season. The soft chocolate is also easy to work with and makes for a nice finish on your cookies. Here are some other great Easter cookie hacks.

Easter Cookies
Image via Betty Crocker

Have A Big Selection

While you may have Pinterest angst for decorating your cookies, you really should just let the kids go to town and get creative. Collect an assortment of colours, textures, and flavours and put them in bowls in the centre of the table and let the kids go crazy.

decorating easter cookies

What are your favorite types of cookies to make at the holidays?

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