Throw Up Thursday[twitter]Never mind the cute, cuddly Throwback Thursday pictures of days of yore. Today is throw up Thursday.


First it was my wife on the weekend.

Then it was Charlie yesterday afternoon.

Then it was Zacharie last night. All night.

Everyone was fine right up until it was splashing all over the bathroom, the kitchen, their bed, the bathroom.

You know you’re a parent when .. you don’t need a hazmat suit to dive in and clean that stuff up, you just do it.

You may switch stalls in a public restroom at the slightest whiff of unpleasantness, but you’ll dig barehanded into last night’s cheese and grapes when it’s your kid.

And then you’ll stay up all night beside them making sure it doesn’t happen again.

Everyone else has been bitten by the barf bug, except me. I feel like that the last human alive in a Walking Dead spinoff called The Barfing Dead. It will get me, the question is when.

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