Zacharie watches Trevor Guthrie at Knoxville

[twitter]One of the first songs Zacharie ever learned the words to and sang on his own was “This Is What It Feels Like” by Trevor Guthrie. It’s an upbeat dance song that dominated world charts in 2013 and chalked up Grammy and Juno nominations.

It was all over pop radio, so I wasnt surprised that Zacharie took a shining to it – I was proud. You see Trevor Guthrie is a friend of mine.

Back in the day at Z95, Trevor was in a band called Indecision. He’d come by the radio station dropping off DAT recordings of new songs, trying to find his big break. I remember sitting in his car in a West Van parking lot one afternoon listening to demos and giving him feedback for songs that would eventually get released by soulDecision.

In 2000, in the wake of a worldwide boy band explosion, the guys hit it big. They signed a deal, had songs on the radio in the US, toured, and had a career that lasted a couple of years.

Then, nearly a decade later, Trevor had his solo hit with This Is What It Feels Like. He had brilliant lyrics, he teamed up with Armin van Buuren for a driving beat that gave him immediate credibility. In a heartbeat he was making videos with Ron Jeremy, and jetting off to tour European festivals and clubs.

I traded some texts and Facebook messages with him, congratulating him on his career and sending him notes about how Zacharie loved his song. When I set up an interview with him for #That90sShow on Z95-3 last fall, he got on the phone with Zacharie and they sang a bit of This Is What It Feels Like together.

Then, finally, Trevor came to Calgary and it fit with our schedule to get Zacharie down to meet him. He was playing at a bar, so I had to make some arrangements to get him in for soundcheck instead of the big show, but we made it happen.

They chatted, Zacharie played him his Garageband creation “Download,” Trevor smiled and encouraged him, and then my sons got to dance around the beer and tequila soaked floor while Trevor tested out the speakers.


It was an absolutely perfect day. One that has cemented my son’s love of music, and made me even more proud to call Trevor my friend.

Zacharie and Trevor Guthrie

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