This Is How My Kids Play[twitter]I love getting secret video of my kids playing. From making up stories with their LEGO, to baking, to doing puzzles, to digging, to drawing, to reading, to working together on a project, I just shut my mouth, turn my phone on, and tape them playing.

I like to do it with Charlie the most. He’s been great at independent play since he was very young. He’d father flip through books on his own than watch tv. He can have a bucket of LEGO and a corner of a room and self entertain for hours. He likes to draw, he likes to imagine, he’s just a joy to watch when he really gets into it.

And it’s easy to tell when Charlie gets into it – he beatboxes. He sings. He narrates.

I’m off work for a couple of days looking after the boys on holiday break and got this video of Charlie drawing random things on the driveway, making random noises, telling a random story.

After Charlie’s fresco session outside, we came inside. While I started work on dinner, they dug through their LEGO bowls in the living room filled with pieces from this year’s LEGO advent calendars. I heard over my shoulder stories of a Star Wars Santa and different planets and interesting randomness.

It was that peaceful sound of kids playing nicely together. It wasn’t quiet, it wasn’t loud, it wasn’t confrontational, it wasn’t argumentative, it was .. perfect.

I put my phone on the counter and recorded a few minutes before they caught wind of what I was doing and started to ape for the camera.

I wish there were more days like this.

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