They Look Alike, But Are Very Different

2 boys. 1 school.[twitter]Everyone immediately comments how much Zacharie and Charlie look alike when they see them together. To be honest, we get confused too. Without the date stamps on some of the earlier photos we’d have a hard time telling them apart.

Same for them. We love to watch old videos of our adventures on the Apple TV. From goofing in the playroom, to hiking, to dancing, to the simpler things like rolling over. Zacharie will often say “that’s Charlie!” and Charlie will often say “that’s Zacharie” when they are, in fact, watching videos of themselves.

It’s cute. But while the boys look the same, they couldn’t be more different in some aspects of their personality.

Charlie is very much a reader and can self-entertain for hours. Zacharie is social, and loves to play with his brother and can’t really sit still and do something on his for longer periods. Even with a tv on, or an iPad nearby, Charlie will reach for a stack of books and flip through them on his own or ask that they be read.

Not a bad look for @the_chooch's first dentist visit.This past week was Charlie’s first trip to the dentist, showing once again our boys are very different. We did the usual pep talk in the days leading up to the appointment. Told him how fun it was going to be, and about the treasure chest after the appointment. It didn’t matter. The Chooch was afraid and squirmed from the moment he walked in the office.

When Zacharie went to the dentist, he hopped in the chair, played with the instruments and yelled “AAAAAHHHH!” with a wide open mouth. He was co-operative with everything except the awkward, sticky fluoride mess at the end – an ideal not quite 3 year old patient.

The assistant tried to explain the instruments to Charlie and recoiled. Mr Spray, Mr Suck, and Mr Pick were of no interest to him. He didn’t want to play. After a few failed attempts, the Dentist was brought in. I hopped in the chair, strapped Charlie to my lap and the Doc got a tooth count, and a little overview of the molar progress. That was it.

Charlie still visited the toy box but later that night as we talked about his big day over dinner he still remarked “Was scared.” The Chooch may be a cerebral kid who loves to wrestle and create havoc in the house, but unlike his brave older brother he takes a little time to get used to things. And I love him for it.

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  1. Susan Knight November 30, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    So adorable! It must be a joy and also very interesting to watch them grow into different personalities! We are only blessed with our dogs to love so it’s fun to read and watch your boys growing up.

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