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[twitter]Did you see the Forbes list of the top earning YouTube stars that dropped this week? People playing video games, offering makeup tips, shopping, and live streaming their lives are making millions of dollars.

Millions. So here comes everyone.

Zacharie has had fun doing video reviews for toys and tv shows lately, and when the latest Netflix Stream Team box landed on our doorstep filled with gear inspired by The Mr Peabody and Sherman Show on Netflix, Zacharie wanted to host The Zacharie Show!

We all pretended to be time travelers interviewed by our host, and set up a set in the backyard.

We had a blast shooting the clip and role playing along. Family projects like this give Zacharie confidence public speaking and reading, and it helps us all work on our creativity and imagination.

The Mr Peabody and Sherman Show on Netflix is set in their swank NYC penthouse where they travel back in time to find guests to interview. Blackbeard, Cleopatra, and Mozart all make appearances. And, like any good late night how, there are fun segments like Sherman’s Corner and Cooking The Caveman Way.

Do me a favour? I’d love it if Zacharie could get on the Forbes list next year, so be a pal and share? Thanks 😉

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team.

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  1. jodi shaw October 18, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    Absolutely love it! My son and I watched and thought Zach’s show was terrific! Very cool.

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