The Whole Visiting Santa At The Mall Thing

[twitter]I don’t know why we do it. I really don’t.

The boys don’t ‘really’ care. They’re not super excited to see him, they think of the mall guys as “helpers” and not the real deal.

We get the very expensive picture every year, and yes it is cute, but I still don’t know why we do it.

The Chooch will be 3 in January, and while he thinks Santa is a groovy dude. He wanted nothing to do with sitting on the red velveted knee and saying cheese today. He squirmed, he screamed, he fidgeted, he asked for mama.

We ended up with just Zacharie posing for the portrait.

2007santa 2008santa 20091128 santa tree - 08 20101209 santa 2011-12 Santa 2012-12-16 Santa

2012-12-15 Visiting Santa 2012-12-15 Visiting Santa

2012-12-15 Visiting Santa 2012-12-15 Visiting Santa

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  1. JP December 17, 2012 at 10:30 am

    For our son it’s still the direct line to the big man for the said requested gifts. My son should no longer believe in the guy, as he is 9, but he does and looks forward to the visits each year. We oblige and will continue to take him until he no longer thinks that Santa is real…

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