The Truth About Child Labour

It was a long weekend filled with chores. Jennifer and I ripped up gardens, measured decks, cut grass, planted pots and cleaned the garage.

That’s quite a “honey do” list to get done in one weekend, especially with a toddler underfoot. But here’s the best part – Zacharie is so excited to be outside and to be part of the team, he asks – nay, BEGS to be involved in the process.

One of my jobs was moving a woodpile from one side of the house to the other so we could have better access to the backyard. There are about 150 pieces of laurel, maple and spruce that needed to be moved. Not the easiest thing to do with a toddler underfoot. But Zacharie wanted to help. There were some smaller pieces I would let him take while I trucked the big stuff over, but I soon realized the small pieces would disappear.

So everytime Zacharie took a piece over from one side to the other, I would take it back. For most of the day we moved that pile, interspersed with lunch, snack, bike and wagon rides and a nap, and he moved the same 4 sticks all day long.

He would carry it over, I would carry it back. He would carry it over, I would carry it back.

And he loved it. And I loved him.

This weekend I think I’m going to teach him how to wash the cars.

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