[twitter]“Mama? What’s that sound,” Charlie asked my wife this weekend as she put him to bed.

Our neighbour had just turned on his backyard sprinkler for the evening and Charlie could hear the stuttering psssht pssht pssht sounds coming in through his open bedroom window.

“That’s the sound of summer,” my wife explained.

It really is, if you think about it. The hum of lawnmowers, the jingle of ice cream truck bells, the laughter of kids as they play in all sorts of sprinklers, and the psssht of those shotgun sprinklers that machine gun across a backyard.

Our sprinkler is a simple little hoop we move about the yard. No wonder Charlie didn’t recognize the stuttering sound. Ours is just a quiet spray of water mixed with giggles, and Charlie went back and forth through it this weekend.

Oh how I wish summer (and childhood) had a slow motion setting.

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