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[twitter]There is something special in riding your bike to school. It’s an old school luxury that more kids (and parents) need to experience. For a few weeks a year I get to experience these magical mornings, and they always bring a smile to my face. I just wish it was able to happen more often.

We bought our house specifically because it was close to a french immersion school that offered pre-school classes. Charlie was just born, and Zacharie was 3 when we moved, so it has been there school for the past 3 years.

Normally I drive them to school on my way to work. I have to be on air by 9a, so it’s a quick kiss 4 blocks from home on my way in. But, for 10 weeks a year, I am on the afternoon shift. That means I don’t need to be at work until noon or 1p. That means the morning routine is more relaxed and I have time to walk or ride bikes with them to school.

In the winter, it’s walking. And it’s just the simple things about walking to school that I absolutely adore. Like lingering at the recycling truck picking up bins with its automatic arms.

In the spring, with the nicer weather, we get to pull out the bikes. I’ll jog along with the boys while they race me down the sidewalk. It’s a fun time. We’re outdoors, the air is crisp, the sun is bright, we’re getting the heart up and pumping for a few minutes en route to the day’s activities. There’s no stress about parking, or hauling bags in and out of the car, it’s just a bike ride, or walk to school.

We talk about the day, invent stories and adventures, and just have some great one-on-one time in the morning.

bike ride to schoolNext year, because of the way schools are (not) built in this city, we won’t be able to walk to school anymore. His grade 1 class will be 5+ kilometres away, down steep hills and across highways. We bought our house for the short-term benefit of the private school with pre-school classes, now we have to deal with the bus culture of the public system. We will still get to walk to the bus stop in the mornings, 2 blocks instead of 4, there will still be the chance to chat and laugh.

But, with only 2 weeks left in school for the year, I’m taking every chance I can to enjoy, savour, and linger over the joy that is riding a bike to school with my son.dadcamp fire

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