The One Where I’m Just Like Mike Heck

[twitter]”Axel. What?! If I had to pick. It’s just that I have more in common with him I guess. It’s not personal, it’s just human nature. What?!” – Mike Heck, The Middle

Talk about timing.

I wrote a post about having a favorite kid a week ago. It goes viral and blows up the parent-sphere for 36 hours. I take the full hate of the internet straight to my face. People saying my kids should be taken from me, I’m an asshole, moron, idiot, narcissist, self centered, immature, and that was just the nice stuff.

Then the season premier of family focussed show, The Middle, tackles exactly this topic. The set-up was EXACTLY what I was saying in my post last week; dads just sometimes relate to the older kids better.

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