We keep calling him Rainbow.

It’s not surprising, really. Rainbow was the other betta fish we had for a few years. He died a couple of years ago, and the tanks and gear have set dusty in the garage. Then, out of nowhere, Charlie proclaimed he would like a fish.

Honestly, I thought we were going to go skiing on Sunday, instead a bunch of errands were run, some spring clean up was done, and we bought a fish. Harold, he was named, after Harry Potter.

harold castle

He likes to hind out behind the castle in tank, appropriately named Hogwarts.


But we still trip up and call him Rainbow every now and again.

Charlie is very excited to feed him and chat with him each morning. He’s diligent about reminding me to clean his tank. We’ve bought him toys, fresh rocks, and those slow releasing food tablets for when we go away on vacation.

All is good for Harold. Except for the part where we call him Rainbow. Or Hagrid. Or Bar Code.

Charllie and his betta fish, Harold.

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