The End Of Co-Bathing

[twitter]The milestones your kids reach as they grow are as varied as they are surprising.

It starts with the first roll over, moves to first steps, words, and beyond. Tonight I ran into a growth milestone I didn’t expect – the end of co-bathing.

For a few years now, bath time has been a team sport. Toss both boys in, they play with some toys, goof off, and then scrub up before bed. But the limitation on co-bathing apparently happens when the kids’ ages adds up to 9.

Zacharie turned 6 last week, Charlie is 3, and the bathtub in their bathroom is now too small.

Sure, they will still have swim parties in the big soaker tub in our master bath, but it appears now is the time for young Master Z to start showering up on his own.

They grow up so fast. #truth.dadcamp fire

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