The Different Degrees Of Cute

[twitter]Cute is taking adult things and shrinking them down to kid size.

Little hockey jerseys. Little polo shirts. Little dishes and utensils.

Most kids’ stuff is run of the mill, middle of the road cuteness. The awwww factor.

Then you have the stuff that would be popular with the Jersey Shore / Teen Mom crowd.

Little Affliction shirts. Little Escalades. Little baby liquor bottles.

Italian designer Anna Utopia Giordano has created the reimagining of liquor bottles as formula friendly substitutes in a series called PopBottles.

barbie absolut vodka bottleThe mockups of Grey Goose as Hello Kitty, Beefeater Gin as Nintendo, Jack Daniels as Fisher Price, and Absolut Vodka as Barbie are displayed alongside the slogan “Parents, please, feed your kids responsibly.”

The bottles are clever and, as with all great art, are a brilliant inspiration for discussion on a number of topics:

How many brands are my kids exposed to and how young?
What kind of food am I feeding my family?
How young are my kids experimenting with alcohol?

I bet there’s one more question a few are asking: “Where can I get them?” You can’t. It’s just an art piece.

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