The Closest Zacharie Will Get To Playing In The NHL

.@Zacharie driving the Zamboni at @whlhitmen game. #yyc #hockey #zamboni[twitter]This weekend my son took turns around an NHL arena with 8 000 people in the stands cheering him on. His face was on the big screen. The announcer introduced him to the crowd.

This was the closest my son will ever get to being an NHL player, he was the chosen kid to ride the Zamboni around the rink before the opening face-off.

Whenever I bring the boys to a hockey game, they are excited for popcorn and the zamboni. When we went to a training camp game, I got up to leave after the game was over, and Zacharie said .. “No, daddy! The zamboni is coming!!” He wouldn’t leave until the ice and been scraped after the game.

So you can imagine the size of his smile riding the back of the Zamboni on the big ice. It was a great day, a dream come true, and probably the closest my kid will ever get to being on big-league ice.


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