Living The Child Free Life

[twitter]I slept in until just after 8 this morning.

To me, anyway, that’s sleeping in.

Yesterday was a long 20 hour day that included a flight to Vancouver that had me getting up before 5a, and returning back past midnight of the same day. It wasn’t a long lie in, but one I appreciated – until the kids woke me up.

Usually I wake up at 2am, with a foot in my face after Charlie has screamed his way into our bed in the middle of the night. If I escape the foot and scream, then I can’t sleep past 7 because of the sound of Zacharie tugging at our sheets and asking to play downstairs. This time, however it was 8. And it wasn’t my kids that woke me, it was the neighbours’.  

For 6 days my wife and I are living ‘the child free life’ as our children are with their grandparents in Vancouver.

While Jen says she has been on the verge of tears and is emotional for the past 24hrs she has been without the boys, I’ve started by relishing the time.

I walked down the stairs to the smell of fresh coffee. And quiet. If quiet had a smell, it would smell like coffee. I poured a cup, and went out to sit on the back porch. There were no cartoons blaring, no people to encourage to eat breakfast. Just quiet. And coffee.

We sat on the back deck sipping in the morning sun, and leisurely pondering the day. “Let’s go for brunch,” she said. “We never go for brunch.

And so, at 9a, we will start the process of showering and getting ready, and going about our first day in the child-free life.

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