I'm A Dinosaur - Apatosaurus

[twitter]When my kids were infants and toddlers, we’d spend hours clicking through YouTube watching random videos. Zacharie loved trucks and tractors. So we’d watch truck races, tractor parades, and garbage trucks doing their thing.

He could have watched them for hours.

We even made a couple of our own videos.

They haven’t reached 9 million views, but they’re still fun.

It then progressed to animals. I would search tigers, leopards, dolphins, elephants. Whatever the boys demanded to see in action, we could instantly find on YouTube. Dinosaurs, you’d think, would be tricky to find on YouTube being as how they no longer exist and all. BUT .. for kids who love dinosaurs, (mine even like to dress up like dinosaurs when we go fossil hunting) there is a series of videos called I’m A Dinosaur that will whet their dino-sized appetite for information about the big beasts while thoroughly entertaining them.

TVO created a collection of more than fifty 2 minute shorts back in 2008/09 that explain dinosaurs from T-Rex to Carcharodontosaurus (I’d never heard of it either).

Our favorite of all of them is the Apatosaurus video. “I’m a hill. Just a hill,” has become a catch phrase around our house when we play games. Trust me, watch the video, you’ll get it.

If you’ve got kids who love dinosaurs (who doesn’t), these are the absolute best YouTube dinosaur videos you could ever hope for.

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