[twitter]Zacharie and Charlie love Masterchef Jr. They love watching kids cook and get creative. They cheer on their favorites, and we even did our own little Masterchef Jr competition at home one time where they made their own cookies.

That’s easy, but in the heat of summer, it’s not the best option. So we’ve moved on to popsicle recipes.

We have a simple 6 serving popsicle tray where you can freeze your own flavourings. When I was a kid, popsicle recipes were usually straight Kool-Aid or juice. Nothing fancy.

My kids, being the Masterchef Jr fans that they are, wanted to kick it up a notch. After our Canada Day visit to Millarville, Charlie saw the empty freezer tray on the counter next to his left over container of cotton candy. Inspiration struck him full force.

“I want to make a cotton candy popsicle, daddy!”

Hmmm, I thought, not a bad idea. “But what else should we put in it?” I asked.

“Strawberries, and ice cream, and cake!,” he continued as I reached under the counter, grabbed my Magic Bullet blender and started stuffing the ingredients in. I added some extra milk to make sure it was smooth enough to pour, and whipped it up.

Strawberry Popsicle

Soon, Zacharie was rummaging through the cupboard for the last stray Oreo for his creation. I scooped in an ice cream, he drizzled in some chocolate sauce, and then crumbled a fortune cookie from our leftover Chinese food.

Chocolate Popsicle

Whizz, blend, pour, and their chocolate and strawberry concoctions went off to the freezer.

The next day the boys licked and slurped their magic in the heat of a scorching summer day on our backyard deck beaming at their totally original creations.

Best Popsicle Recipes Of Summer

When I visited the Calgary Stampede and saw the Mini Donut Popsicle selected as Best New Fair Food, I had to brag to Family Squeezed‘s owner Jennifer about my boys and their creations. She was impressed and we’re off to visit the popsicle factory for a tour after Stampede and the boys are amped to get share their popsicle recipes with someone who makes them for real.

Summer is here and if you want to know the best popsicle recipes of summer, just ask your kids. Blend bananas, chocolate chips, coconut and milk. Liquefy peanut butter, strawberries, and chocolate cake. Have them stand on a stool and call out ingredients, fire them in to the blender and freeze ’em up.

Nurture the creativity. Indulge their inspirations. Watch the magic in their eyes.

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