Best Father's Day Ever

[twitter]I’ve been taking the boys camping on the Father’s Day weekend the past few years. It’s a chance for us to get away, be boys together and start the summer off with a bang.

We stay up late, skip baths, make smores, and watch movies (usually it’s Star Wars, this year we got hooked on the Indiana Jones trilogy).

We get out of town and spend time together. And I get a front row seat to watch my boys grow up.

This weekend’s road trip featured Charlie throwing up in the car on the 4 hr ride to our campground. A bit got onto his blanket and so “bee bee” was out of commission for the weekend. Knowing how his little brother likes to cozy a blanket on his ear at bedtime, Zacharie up offered up his “blankie” for Charlie to use.

Then Zacharie offered to sleep on the ground when we discovered the three of us had outgrown our double air mattress. I know Zacharie is empathetic, but everytime I see it first hand my heart smiles.

The entire weekend was perfect. It was the best Father’s Day ever.

fathers day camping

Charlie was particularly amusing as he constantly sang my praises. He was excited for Father’s Day like it was my birthday. “It’s your day, daddy,” he kept repeating.

He said “best dad ever” about half a dozen times in response to me perfectly toasting his marshmallow or remembering to pack the glow sticks or making him a jam bagel for breakfast.

Both boys clandestinely packed along cards, and notes, and gifts and I was thrilled to finally have a coffee mug with the scribbles of my sons on it.

charlie fathers day

zacharie fathers day

Zacharie was affectionate too. He likes to be in on things and followed Charlie’s enthusiasm for the day by tossing in his own love and extra hugs.

It’s been the perfect weekend with the perfect boys.

We spent 2 or 3 or 4 hours at a beach near our campsite. I could have spent the whole weekend there. I mean, honesty, is there anything better in the world than spending hours at a beach, relaxing in a chair while, a few dozen yards in front of you, your children furiously dig and build and cooperate and laugh and get disgustingly dirty with the biggest smile on their faces?

fathers day beach

No there isn’t.

We climbed a tall hoodoo and re-enacted our annual light saber battle, this one seemingly on the plains of Naboo.

Light Saber Battle on Naboo

While I got things ready for dinner, I returned with a bucket of water to find the boys playing catch. They were terrible at it, but still, it was so perfect.

fathers day catch

Best Father’s Day ever.

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