Helijet To The Top Of Grouse Mountain

[twitter]This is the first in a series of posts called The Best Day Ever.” The criteria is simple, a story about the best day ever with your kids, your dad, your grandad, etc. We’re looking for your Best Day Ever stories too. Check out the DadCAMP Contest for details about winning Canucks tickets!

Honestly? Each and every day I spend with Zacharie on an adventure could be called “the best day ever.” He’s such a goofball and sees life in such a fresh and exciting way that a simple run up to the playground at the end of our cul-de-sac can turn into the greatest 20 minutes of my life. That said, this adventure was a little more special.

Jen and I took the Helijet to Victoria for our honeymoon and LOVED it. The crew with the company were first class from letting us take shots on the helipad to helping us with our bookings for the honeymoon. They were beyond. When I told them the stories about how Zacharie loved helicopters they invited us up for a repositioning flight. The helicopters are stored at the Vancouver Airport South Terminal, but are flown up to Grouse Mountain during the summer to take tourists on spectacular sightseeing flights around Vancouver.

20090911 helicopter 2009-09-11 helijet ride 2009-09-11 helijet - 09

What followed could only be called The Best Day Ever.

Reservations aren’t accepted for the Grouse Mountain sightseeing flights, they’re first come, first served. Rides start at $99 per person and will be available through the end of the month.

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