As the summer wanes and the rain starts to fall, getting out of the house to find some fun will get a little tougher. There’s only so many dvds that can be watched and only so many times you can take the “I’m booooored” whine.

Need a getaway on a rainy day? Go to the airport.

In Vancouver, we’re lucky that YVR is such a bright, new, expansive airport.

The airport is simply Zacharie’s favourite place to play, and at just $2.50 for a weekend ride from North Vancouver to YVR on the Canada Line, we get to mix in a boat and train ride on the way to see the airplanes.

Zacharie’s favourite thing to do is look for what he calls “machine beep beep.” He will spend the entire visit running from terminal to terminal looking for these luggage trolleys and then following them like they’re the pied piper when he finally does discover them.

There’s also a bright new Observation Lounge in the domestic terminal which overlooks the tarmac. You can see the luggage being loaded on to planes and the little trucks scurrying around. Planes taxi and takeoff and the view to the western setting sun is spectacular.

You can even make it a family dinner night out. The airport has dozens of restaurants and a few food courts so the options are varied. The din of travelers hustling to their gates will drown out your screamer if they’re having a bad day and there’s enough for a busy child to stare at to keep them occupied.

The airport is, quite possibly, the perfect playground.

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While the airport may be a unique playground, it certainly doesn’t qualify as bizarre. Check out this list of the 10 bizarre playgrounds from around the world.

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