THAT child plus THAT teacher equals disaster

Last night, at around 8pm, I was trading tweets with my son’s kindergarten teacher. She read a post I wrote about being disappointed at not being able to attend daytime school events, so she made a video of the day’s events for me to watch.

Three awesome things: my son’s teacher is on Twitter, she reads my blog, she made a video so I could experience what I had missed.

So it is with that appreciation for what this teacher has done for my family that I share this letter that has been shared among parents and teachers alike this week.

“Every single day, I drop my children off at school, and put them in the hands of someone else for the next seven hours of their days. Truth be told, these people spend more time with my children in waking hours than I do.”

That’s how a Facebook post from Jennifer Marcotte opened on Monday.

“I just wrote it as a quick note on my Facebook, kind of in appreciation to the few teachers that I do have on my Facebook,” she told Metro News.

The letter was posted in advance of a provincial budget that included cuts to education spending and freezes for teachers’ salaries.

“With the teachers feeling disheartened as it is and not appreciated, I thought it was time for a little bit of appreciation,” she told the paper. “With 12 hours a day and working weekends and coaching, for the teachers that do put that out there, it’s important that they know that they matter.”

“They have devoted their lives to the betterment of knowledge, of learning, and of teaching,” her letter continues. “These people give their time as mentors, as coaches, and as friends. These people go to work early, they come home late. They work weekends. They put expense out of their own pockets in the best interest of other people’s children. Their days are never their own, their thoughts are always with a child in some form.


My child.

Your child.

Their children.

These people are our teachers.”

When you pick up the kids today, give the teacher an extra thanks. They are surrogate parents to our children, and we know better than any what a tough gig that can be.

You can read the entire letter, These People Are Our Teachers, here.

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