What Teachers Wished Parents Knew[twitter]You’re not the only one that worries about your kid, staying up at night stressing about their future, their decisions, their worries.

Your kid’s teacher does the same.

It’s just one of many things teachers wish you you knew. My son’s kindergarten teacher is very active in social media. She hosts a weekly #KinderChat on Twitter where teachers around the world gather to offer each other support, insight, and to share a laugh.

One of the things that came out of this chat was an open Google Doc the teachers collaborated on called “I Wish Parents Knew …” Teachers were invited to add items to a list that is now nearly 100 items long.

Here are some of the ones that stand out to me, what stands out for you?

  • I wish they knew that I am as scared of them as they are of me, and the only way to get over this is to chat, and chat often.
  • Not having homework doesn’t mean your child is not learning at school (Public school, Canada)
  • That they can not live their dreams through their children and children have a right to live their own dreams.
  • I wish parents knew that there is NOTHING I would not do to help their child succeed. I spend MANY hours outside of our 5 hour school day preparing and planning for activities that will benefit their child – hours that are taken away form my own children and family. (Kindergarten, NL, Canada)
  • I wish parents knew that skills in the arts, as well as mathematics, are not gifts. They are learned and cultivated. You read to your child from infancy onward to encourage literacy and a love for books. The very same thing can be done with every other skill set. (Kindergarten, US, private) If you love math, so will your child. I wish it was not socially acceptable to hate math.
  • I wish parents spent as much time and gave as much enthusiasm to schoolwork as most do to sports. (Contractual teaching, Spain)
  • They stop crying after you leave. Really. They really do. I promise. (Kindergarten NJ, USA)
  • I wish parents knew that every kid in my class matters. It’s like when you have more than one child. You don’t love one less than another. You love each one the most. You give them exactly the amount of love and care that each one needs and that varies from day to day. But EACH kid matters. (2nd grade. North Carolina)
  • I wish parents knew that hanging up their kid’s coat and backpack does not help them become independent.
  • I wish parents knew that children get so much more out of playing with cardboard boxes, crayons and string than they do with the hundreds (thousands!) of dollars spent on expensive toys with only one use. The large box in my classroom gets so much more use than any other item. (Kindergarten, NL, Canada)
  • I wish parents knew and respected me as an expert in the world of children and learning.
  • I wish parents knew how nice it is when they say thank you. North Yorks, Eng

It was an eye opener for me. We’ve had both amazing, wonderful teachers, and those who couldn’t keep up and failed our son (not failing a grade, but failed to offer him adequate instruction and support).  For the most part, though, our sons’ teachers have been extremely kind and giving. They share of themselves and have high hopes and wishes for our boys’ successes just as we do. 

We place a lot of trust in teachers, to guide our children through life, almost as surrogate parents. Take a moment to see how much they truly care.

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