Take Your Kids Geocaching To Get Them Outside

Geocaching Turns A Walk Into A Treasure Hunt

[twitter]How’s Screen Free Week going for you?

This entire week my family is turning off tvs, and gadgetry to rediscover life away from the couch.

And it’s not an easy task, marketer Mitch Joel notes that kids have always wanted to do the lazy play. From comic books, to tv, to video games, and now all of the above, kids have trended to the path of least resistance.

“Throughout history, you will uncover generations of youth who would rather sit around and play than go outside and play,” writes Joel. “It’s not technologies’ fault that a kid is lazy… it comes down to parenting, values and the child’s disposition.”

Yup, it’s all your fault. So how about a way to get your kids not only loving outdoors, but asking to go out more?

After the jump find out about geocaching and how you can discover secret hidden treasures all around your neighborhood.

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