Take Your Kid Fishing, Learn Lessons About Life

I fished a lot with my dad growing up. From just tossing a line with a red bobber from the shore, to full blown week-long adventures on the high seas, fishing is how I remember most spending time with my dad.

In fact, for his 70th birthday next month, we’re surprising him with a reunion of all the kids and going on a fishing trip for sturgeon in the Fraser River. Very cool.

I’m bringing that sort of quiet, one-on-one time to my relationship with my sons. My oldest caught his first fish last summer, and I immediately realized I am not my father. I squirmed almost as much as my son did with the fish flopping on the deck.

We’ve gone out a few times this summer, and while we have yet to land the big one, there are life lessons to be learned when you go fishing with your kids.

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