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Despite City Bans, I Still Go Tobogganing With My Kids

Tobogganing bans are the new thing in cities across North America. Fed up with lawsuits from reckless riders, city bureaucrats are banning toboggans from city hills. But not in Calgary. And, despite a close call with a cliff, I still take my kids out for a ride.

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Kodiak Glo Boots Review – Winter Boots For Kids

It’s time to go winter boot shopping. Not even Halloween and already the threat of snow and cold is upon us. We took the Kodiak Glo Boots out for a test drive and picked them for our boys this winter. Here’s a review and video why we chose them:

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The DadCAMP Winter Workout

If you’ve got kinds under 5, you know that messing around with them is a great workout. You’re running, you’re stretching, you’re lifting 40 pound squirming dumbbells. It doesn’t do much to mold and sculpt…

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