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How To Size A Hockey Helmet

It’s very easy to learn how to size a hockey helmet. The proper sizing is very important with an increase in concussions among younger kids. Here’s how:

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Are Stainless Steel Fridges Family Friendly?

We have a new stainless steel fridge and while it makes our kitchen very clean and modern, it’s lost some of that family kitsch of photos and art. Do you try and get your art on the fridge or do you leave it clean?

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Choosing The Right Headphones For Kids

You can’t just give your kids stock earbuds off the shelf. Headphones for kids need to have scientific backing to make sure they are safe for tiny growing ears. We recently completed an 11 hour road trip that had the kids plugged in to iPads in the back seat the entire time. It was the perfect testing grounds for ETY-Kids headphones from Etymotic.

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