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Amazon Mom Is Now Amazon Family

A quiet, subtle branding switch happened today. Amazon Mom became Amazon Family. One word silently changed that will bring with it an echo of change. Thank you, Amazon.

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He Left His Wife And Daughter Home Alone. What They Did? Prepare To Smile!

It’s not unique when parents play with their kids. Parents love their kids, they love to have fun. It’s the norm, it’s not an outlier, so stop treating dads who have fun with their daughters like they’re a circus side show, or patting them on the head with “you’re such a good dad.” We’re parents. We love our kids. There’s nothing outlying about that.

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The One Thing Moms Don’t Understand? Dads Are Parents Too

It’s a long leap in logic to take racism and apply it to the treatment of dads by moms in a Facebook group, but hear me out. Marginalization for the colour of your skin, or your gender is still marginalization. Moms are still marginalizing dads for the simple reason that they are men. We’re all parents, and it’s time moms got it.

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