Tag! You're It!

[twitter]I sat and watched my son trying to do chin-ups at the playground. He ran the length of the monkey bars with ease. He could hang on the zip line and move his body weight to get across.

He thinks he was just having fun, I saw he was exercising. It gave me that same nagging feeling I get when I drive past a golf course and see people playing. “You could be here,” they call.

The same feeling I get when I drive past groups of people riding bikes or running along the pathway. “You could be here,” they remind me.

My son was doing the same. “Why are you sitting watching us? You should be exercising.”

So I got up, and tapped Charlie on the shoulder. “Tag! You’re it!”, I exclaimed. And we played tag. Hard tag. Fast tag. It was a lightning quick game of darting sprints, zig zag evasions, and heavy laughter (and breathing).

Instead of sitting on the bench on the sidelines watching my kids play exercise, tonight I exercised played with them.

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