Sushi For Toddlers

Sushi is the perfect toddler food. It looks just like the food you eat on your plate, and it’s bite sized and finger friendly.

Sure, your toddler shouldnt be eating raw fish just yet, but you can grab a vegetable roll or kappa maki (cucumber roll) at your favourite sushi stand or grocery store for less than $5.

We like to cut the 1″ rolls in half again so that they’re not a choking hazard. You have to remember that the sushi rice is very sticky, so if they like dumping things in in one bite, it might get a little gluey in there.

Chopstick Kids are the perfect accessory for your sushi loving toddler. They’re rubber people with holes in each foot for the chopsticks to lock in so they can learn to use the tools and feel like bigs.

Sushi is just one of those great ethnic finger foods that are perfect for kids trying to get the hang of eating with the big boys (and girls). We also like to mix in perogies, samosas and quesedillas.

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  1. Derek K. Miller March 15, 2010 at 5:21 pm

    You can also buy kids’ chopsticks that are permanently attached in a sort of U shape at one end. Sushi rice was one of the first solid foods my kids ate. And they graduated to the raw fish pretty quickly. Now my oldest Marina, who’s 12, totally eschews the “safe” stuff like California rolls and cucumber (she’s not big on veggies) for salmon, tako (octopus!), and anything with lots of tobiko (orange roe) on it.rnrnFor both my daughters, sushi is comfort food. Stuff like roast beef is weird and ethnic and exotic. Such is Vancouver in the 21st century.

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