[twitter]There is a worldwide LEGO shortage and independent toy retailers in Canada have seen teeir LEGO shipments stopped. The Danish toymaker is experiencing a supply shortage as popularity soars for the building bricks and we’ve been cut off.

Guy Bagley, co-owner of The Swag Sisters Toy Store in Toronto, tells Canadian Business he called his LEGO rep and was told the company was oversold.

“She explained that, although LEGO was expecting a halo effect from The LEGO Movie, they hadn’t expected it to be as big as it was, so they oversold production, and because of it, they were cancelling all the Canadian independent toy store orders,” Bagley says.

So, how does one get LEGO when there is a worldwide LEGO shortage?

Buy What You Need Now

The 2014 LEGO Advent Calendars started arriving in late August at Costco and they’ve been on shelves at the LEGO Store since early September. If you see one, don’t put it in the back of your head to get one later – get it now.

2014 LEGO Advent Calendars

Last weekend, when we went to the LEGO Store for some playtime, they were stocking, restocking, and re restocking one corner of the store – the Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendars. I was hemming and hawing about getting one, but after 5 minutes of watching people pluck them, I grabbed one.

I don’t want to miss out.

This year there are 3 LEGO Advent Calendars to choose from: LEGO Star Wars, LEGO City, and LEGO Friends.

Here’s a preview of the 2014 LEGO City Advent Calendar

and the 2014 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar:

You Already Have Enough

Trust me. Your kids may want more LEGO, but they don’t need more LEGO. Look under their bed, in the bottom of the toy box, between the cushions, under your pillow. You’ll find LEGO all over your house.  Just turn the lights off and walk around for a few minutes, you’ll step on tons of it!

How to survive worldwide LEGO shortage

Gather up all this new found old LEGO and present it to the children. It will be stuff your kids haven’t seen for months, they’ll be surprised and it will be just like new!

The worldwide LEGO shortage will get lots of headlines and people will ZOMG PANIC! in much the same way they did when it was announced there was a run on hazelnuts and people scrambled to get Nutella.

But really? Don’t worry about it. Unless there is a super unique, omg must have, absolutely home run LEGO gift you need for Christmas, you’ll be able to find LEGO for your kids.

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