Summer Tan Lines Are The Best - DadCAMP

[twitter]My kids look like the perfect toasty marshmallow.Their edges are golden, their faces glowing, their tan lines stark in contrast.

I love it.

The boys look like little Tour de France cyclists, their slight frames punctuated by a glowing torso meeting their summer tan on their arms and thighs. They wear hats, they wear sunshirts, they were long shorts, and still they tan.

It’s a sign of parenting done right. A sign my boys are outside, playing, running, swimming, getting active, and enjoying the freedom from schedule.

I remember the golden days of my youth. Back then the SPF barely cracked 20, and while I’d wear a hat, I’d spend the 10 – 12 weeks between classes shirtless running around the neighbourhood. Our skin baked into a rich golden sugar colour.

I love my little tanned boys and how it makes me feel like a kid again.

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